Dayzinc Drops

DAYZINC Oral Drops for babies

Contribute to proper functioning and strengthening of immune system for babies



Proteksyon C-guradong Zinc-gurado!

Product Information

The composition:
Sodium Ascorbate 56.24mg
Ascorbic Acid 50mg
Zinc 10mg

Recommended Usage:
For children 3-12 months: 0.6mL
Less than 3 months: 0.3mL

To be taken once daily or as prescribed by the physician.

Nutri 10 Drops Bottle

Dayzinc Oral Drops helps to:

  • prevent common colds, coughs, pneumonia and diarrhea
  • facilitates the growth of the connective tissues, which speeds up the process of healing wounds
  • effectively absorb iron and calcium from food
  • assist in the formation and maintenance of healthy bones, gums, teeth, tissues and cells