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Eat Balance Diet

August 16, 2021 | Werty Brand Articles

The immune system is the body’s defense against infections, reason why we need to make it stronger. A healthy immune system has better fighting chance to fend off diseases. Until there is no vaccine against COVID-19, parents need to make sure their teen’s immune system is at its best.

Boosting youngster’s immune system with vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and Zinc like Dayzinc can also help. Dayzinc chewables contain a combination of sodium ascorbate and ascorbic acid for its Vitamin C (250mg) plus zinc (5mg).

Vitamin C and Zinc has complementary roles in supporting the innate and adaptive immunity of the human body. Both helps to fight free radicals and protect the body against infections and diseases. Overall, Vitamin C and Zinc is important in teen’s physical and mental development, health maintenance and well-being.

Despite uncertainties brought by the pandemic, parents can still make teens feel incredible dahil sila ay naka-Dayzinc Chewable!

Dayzinc is the only Vitamin C and Zinc chewable tablet for teens in a convenient once a day dosing regimen. It retails at Php 195 per box of 30s and is sold in Mercury Drugstore, Watsons, Southstar and other leading drugstores nationwide. Dayzinc is also available in oral drops for toddlers, syrup for kids and capsule for adults.

Give your teens the double protection of Vitamin C and Zinc para sa Proteksyong C-guradong, Zinc-gurado! For more information and updates, like and follow

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