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Super Parents Investigate: What is CM-Glucan?

May 16, 2021 | Werty Brand Articles

Super Parents Investigate: What is CM-Glucan?

To raise a super kid, they need to be given the winning immune system to fight against the dangers they don’t see: germs, viruses, and bacteria. The immune system may be strengthened by beta-glucans, a fiber from oats, barley, yeast, algae, and mushrooms which activates and balances the immune system. The good news is that there is a super glucan that works faster and better than the other glucans: CM-glucan!
What is a CM-glucan? Here are a few things that parents need to know:

  1. CM-glucan is a type of beta-glucan which comes from baker’s yeast and is dubbed as the super effective form of beta-glucan.
  2. CM-glucan acts quickly once inside the body, immediately connecting and bonding with the body to give it a super armor, because it easier to absorb than the other glucans. 
  3. CM-glucan trains our body’s defense system to be more effective in fighting against the unseen dangers, making the body super ready for battle.
  4. CM-glucan’s armor of all around immunity is found everywhere in the body – from the skin to the internal organs – and is good in keeping our mind and our body super healthy.

The best source of CM-glucan to raise super kids is an immunomodulator supplement called Maximmune®. It is packed with a high dose of pure CM-glucan concentrated at 25 mg/5 mL, ready to give kids the winning immunity they deserve. Maximmune® is in delicious strawberry flavor that our super kids will surely love! Maximmune® is available in 120 mL that can be purchased in all leading drugstores nationwide at an affordable price!


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