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How to Raise Super Kids

June 16, 2021 | Werty Brand Articles

All parents want to have super kids. A well-balanced diet, adequate physical activity, and a safe and loving home are necessary to have healthy kids. But that doesn't necessarily make them super. Super kids are like super heroes; they have the best strength and power to defeat their foes.
So, what makes a kid super? On top of being healthy, a kid must have winning immunity to fight against bacteria, viruses, and infections that may make them sick. Having a strong immune system makes a kid super.
The biggest question now is how do kids become super? In order to build a strong immune system, your kid needs the help of immunomodulators, a substance that, according to The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, helps regulate or normalize the immune system. 
Immunomodulators like beta-glucan, a fiber that bonds with the immune cells to promote their main function: fighting against disease. It creates balance in the immune system – making a weak one into a strong one, while making an overreactive one into a level-headed one. It detects disease better. As a result, it gives kids an efficient immune system, making kids winners against diseases.
With current technology, we are presented with a “super” beta-glucan: the CM-Glucan. It is a more soluble and readily absorbable type of beta-glucan that makes the process bonding process faster; therefore, it helps make the immune system get stronger faster and better!
To raise your kids as super kids, make sure to build winning immunity with Maximmune®, a new immunomodulator supplement for kids filled with higher pure CM-Glucan content of 25 mg/5 mL in 120 mL bottle, compared to similar supplements, at an affordable price. This is now available in leading drugstores nationwide.



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